Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Is Chris Tyler saying Modesto Should Annex Salida

By Emerson Drake

And is it his or Anthony Cannella's idea? After all Salida doesn't have a tax base.

In fact it's a deep dark red hole in the Board of Supervisors budget. Could he and the Common Wealth Club be wanting to pick the low hanging fruit between Kiernan Ave. and Ladd?

It's well known that Modesto Councilman Joe Muratore and his Real estate partner Ryan Swelha have both referred to this area using that phrase in the council and in print referring to people homes and farms along the corridor.

The BoS(Board of Supervisors) has challenged any attempts by Modesto to reach past the North side of Kiernan Ave.and if Modesto were to annex Salida(at great cost) the BoS wouldn't be able to lay claim to the area.

We always have to remember that homes without a business tax base are a negative expense.

We've witnessed a few questionable decisions emanate from the City Council(like giving Florsheim Homes of Stockton a $480,000 tax break for sewer hook-up that will be below costs).

We will continue to follow this attempt at a boondoggle as it progresses.